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Baltimore Orioles ... A Winning Flock

The Baltimore Orioles originally got their start as the Milwaukee Brewers. In their second year they moved to St. Louis where they stayed for the next 52 years. Nicknames for the team include the "Os" and the "Birds."

As the Brewers, the club was one of the original eight teams of the American League. As the St. Louis Browns, they were mediocre at best, yet their showing in the 1944 season pitted them against their tenants, the Cardinals in the World Series, making it the last Series ever played entirely in one stadium.

The last few years of their stay in St. Louis the Browns were known more for the outrageous stunts their owner would come up with than their skills at baseball. After irritating and angering most of the league, the owner, Bill Veeck was faced with having to move the team or sell it. Since he could not afford to make necessary repairs to the stadium it was sold to the other tenants, the Cardinals. Of course this lost him the one bit of leverage he had to stay in the league, and he was forced to either sell the team or risk liquidation.

The group that bought the Browns moved them to Baltimore and changed the name of the team to that of the state bird, distancing themselves from their previous reputation. Of course the Orioles name had already been used by other teams in the area, making it the perfect choice for a new team and a fresh start.

As the Baltimore Orioles, the team has managed to become successful. They have earned eight East Division titles, six of their seven American League Pennants, three World Series Titles, and a Wild Card berth.

In 1991, the Baltimore Orioles moved from their home at Memorial Stadium to Oriole Park at Camden Yards. The 110 million dollar stadium has Kentucky Blue Grass surface and seating for 48,876 fans. Two of the seats in the stadium are colored orange rather than the blue used for the rest. One marks the spot where Eddie Murray's 500th home run landed and the other marks the spot where Cal Ripken hit his 278th home run as a short stop, breaking Ernie Banks' record.

Out in the community, the Baltimore Orioles are giving back to their fans in big ways. The players and mascots are often seen out making appearances at events around the town. They participate in local summer reading and learning programs to keep students learning throughout the summer, giving them a better chance at a brighter future.

For those less fortunate children in the area, the Orioles contribute to breakfast at school programs. From food banks and blood drives, to baseball camps and support for our soldiers, the team is active in every aspect of encouragement and improvement of the lives of area residents.

On the field and off, it is not surprising that the residents of Baltimore love their local baseball team. The Orioles not only provide excellent entertainment, but also hope and happiness for so many.

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